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Threat of Floods in Pakistan once again after moon-soon.


According to experts there is  threat of floods in Pakistan once again after the moon-soon season.Disasters comes all over the world but precaution measures before disasters can prevent loss of property and precious lives.For example in Japan a magnitude of  7 scale earthquake can not harm the buildings due to proper buildings codes while in our country Pakistan during year 2005 earthquake at Aazad Kashmir & KPK even 6 scale earthquake did massive destruction of government buildings especially schools army buildings and educational institutes with addition to thousands of human bodies losses due to corruption and low standards in construction side.


Disasters comes all over the world but human and property loss can be minimized by proper planning and management before the disaster as precaution measures But sorry to say in our country the system is opposite.After two years consecutive floods no proper arrangements were made by government and authorities concern for this year possible floods due to climatic changes even the last year flood affected are still in IDPs camps.


It seems that government and other concern authorities are enjoying the floods as source for their corruption while only common people are facing both property and human loss.Here is given an example of changing weather pattern or climate change and then assume the threat of floods this year.     For last some years in winter season we are listening and watching through media that the lowest temperature recorded in Parachinar throughout the Pakistan like it falls to minus fifteen degrees.


This type of extreme coldness in Parachinar not observed for decades according to old ages people and even according to metrology department data from British era .This Year ironically winter season prolonged even in the mid of month of may and people at Parachinar and surrounding are using grate or brazier (Angithi  of fire wood) for heating purpose in homes and blankets at night while previously the winter  season almost ends at the end of march and spring  season starts.


To know the facts behind this exceptional type of change in season or climate change according to global terminology we have to see the environment and other ground conditions of Parachinar.


Paradise like scenic valley Parachinar is head quarter of Kurram Agency and is located at the base of kohi safed mountains which other side touches the famous Tora Bora Mountains while Parachinar also touches four provinces of Afgahnistan. Different factors of this climate change can be tunderstand according to scientists and experts opinion saying that the climate change can occur after years of some disaster.


Parachinaries remember that after 9/11 when Americans invaded Afghanistan destructive carpet bombings were done in Tora bora mountainous by using harmful weapons of mass destruction, the voices and intensity of bombings at Tora bora were regularly heard at Parachinar, this can also be one of the major cause that due to its strategic and geographical position Parachinar occur at war zone.


Most recently two weeks ago due to soil erosion and massive land sliding many houses destroyed at village Babluk  Kirman located in the base of Tora bora mountains series. Second important factor is the cutting of trees for heating and fire wood on mountains and woods in Parachinar due to deforestation climate change can occur .People of Parachinar have no other option but to cut trees  for using in grate or brazier (Angithi of fire wood) for heating purpose in homes to safe their children dying from severe cold and pneumonia in winter season.


This massive cutting of trees and deforestation can be controlled by Government and authorities concern easily by providing natural gas facility for Parachinar and surrounding announced by prime minster two years ago as huge resources of natural gas recovered at Gurgeri area of District Hangu connected to Parachinar Kurram Agency. Moreover other alternate sources like bio gas technique for heating purpose in winter can be adopted but sorry to say billions of rupes in the name of Tribal areas development are not used for the welfare of people of Fata especially neglected area of Parachinar Kurram Agency.


One other important factor about this climate change was told by scholars and some ulema at Parachinar that these are the symptoms of arrival of awaited global savior Imam Mahdi according to different ahadis and traditions before the arrival of Imam Mahdi climate change will occur. They told that this is not only in Parachinar but also in other parts of country and even worldwide that climate is changing and disasters like earthquakes and floods are coming unexpectedly and all these are the symptoms of arrival of awaited global savior Imam Mahdi.


They further told that even Allama Iqbal has also predicted this climate change and arrival of Imam Mahdi decades ago by saying



Translation…World need Imam Mahdi whose arrival is conditional on global and climatic changes.


Anyhow whatever is the reason of climate change at Parachinar and other parts of the country the government and concern authorities should try to solve this problem otherwise the last two years floods have already destroyed the infrastructure and agriculture sector and this year moon soon is also threat.




Written By:- Sajid Hussain 

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