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Paul craig roberts is a famous american and he has worked on top government slots.

As he was very close to govt and high ups so he has close eye on american system and government.

In one of his articles he has given his future prediction  about america in  2017.this article every one must read but my article is not about his article only.i want to give some similarities between his predictions of future america and present day pakistan, both resemble  very well!

The dark future picture of america he has painted resembles the condition of pakistan at present.

First let me give some points he wrote in that article than I will analyse the similarities with pakistan.


Paul writes that in 2017 america will start to disintegrate and will be due to wrong policies of american rulers who weakened america by involving it in unnecessary wars against islam and etc .in this post apocalypse america the police has gained the ruling every state police groups who had arms etc have gained power and they oppress people around them, there has not left any central government to bind them people and their pet police forces rule america.Also america has divided into 50 parts ,each part an independent state.

American dollar has completely collapsed and american nation has become a third world country with not even basic facilities.the local police of every state has become a group that only safeguards each others benefits while common people of america are oppressed ,raped and murdered by this police.the police force had become a ruling tribe of america with prehistoric dictatorial system they enforce. .the police is new pharoah and rules people under iron curtain .even food and basic facilities are only limited to these police and armed forces and their immediate families,rest of people die and starve and suffer from diseases.


This article you people can read let me analyse why I quoted paul craig roberts

what paul has written for america in future we can see it in present pakistan.its already post apocalyptic pakistan we are living in, but our nation,s majority is too naive to realise that!


Police and army and civilian rulers and their families are ruling present day pakistan with such great oppression that even pharoah would be ashamed in his grave.

All resources of pakistan are in hands  of our army and civilian rulers plus police bureacracy and their immediate families.justice is given by our “esteemed” judges only to the same ruling class.justice is denied for common man.


Anyway just see for example  our “khadim e aala” shehbaz shareef of punjab.he has empowered police so much for his own benefits.first he increased the pays of police constables to more than a doctors pay , later he started recruiting thousands of new police men .now the situation is that there are hundreds of thousands of   police men in punjab! Pakistan, which is a very poor nation , cant bear the burden of such heavily paid police in such high numbers which has no use other than being rulers own personal force.

But pakistani rulers are like mughal emeperors.poor pakistani people,s tax money is considered by these rulers as their own personal money.


See how millions of ruppees daily are spent on just one “khadim e aala “  and his familys security! i was just hearing sirens of dozens of police cars escorting the sons and daughter in law of our “khadim e aala”!

(I am not against one particular party ,I am just giving example of shareefs because people think that shareefs are better than others etc).


In punjab specially the police has become a ghunda gardi force against common people .our rulers use police as their personal army to suppress and oppress people, and tragically police gets paid from common pakistani peoples tax money but still it acts as personal force of our rulers.

The case of two kids killed in sialkot by police was just a rare incident that was covered by media. Daily many innocent people are killed by this police terrorism around pakistan, but as police is powerful and under patronage of our rulers so very few cases of police terrorism are covered by media.

Police promotes prostitution ,drug business ,kidnapping,corruption,injustice, and other objectionable activities  of foreign agencies and still our “khadim e aalaa” gives them more pay than a doctor gets.

The situation here actually is much worse than any civilised society can ever allow.

So its time that people of pakistan rise up against their rulers or I warn you people that in future you wont get even a piece of bread to eat…only rulers and their pet police and other forces will get to eat and others will die of hunger and disease.

Wish we also had visionaries like paul craig but alas our nations “intellectuals” are busy this time seeing indian “mujras” in star plus and geo channel! so how these “intellectuals” get time to think?



….another bad thing that “khadim e aala” shehbaz shareef is doing is that he thinks that  the punjabs treasury is his personal property so he spends this money as he a mughal emperor.

He spends millions of dollars of punjab tax payers money on his familiys personal security and on such useless things as making punjab board  exam position holders visit europe etc!


Since some time shehbaz shareef( the emperor of punjab) has started this strange custom of sending all the matric ,intermediate ,bsc etc position holders to tour of london ,paris etc on punjabs tax payers money.this he is doing in a province whose half population is so poor that it goes to bed without  full stomach and they don’t even have  access to  education at all.


We all know that how corrupt  our education system is, and 80% of position holders get this position by unfair means like bribery and using contacts of their “khadim e aalaa” to please the children of these influential  (pawa burger family)  families spends millions of ruppees of poor punjabi tax payers money on european tours of these kids, who got position by whatever means.

What benefit are these tours of europe for these kids? what benefit will they get from there? why not the same money is spent on opening primary schools in villages of punjab?why this so called “khadim e aalaa “ does not care for poor people of punjab and why he is giving more and more facilities to the rich?

With the money spent on  one of these needless european tours of burger family kids ,hundreds of primary schools can be opened in far off places of punjab and that money can also be spent on giving clean water to poor people and making their lives liveable.but how can our “khadim e aalaa”  feel the pain of poor as he never slept empty stomach nor he spent a day without airconditioner,so how can he feel pain of poor people.

These questions need to be answered

Till than I pray to allah to punish our rulers in both worlds and give us a pious muslim ruler like omar raziallah u anhu .amen

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