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Pakistan Killed Osama, The US Just Swooped In At The End The Chinese official news agency Xinhua is reporting that

Osama Bin Laden was killed by Pakistani forces, and U.S. forces merely swooped in the pick up the body (via @crampell). The report also claims that the helicopter that was shot down was Pakistani, not American. This contradicts U.S. reports that U.S. special forces entered the compound and killed Bin Laden. From Xinhua: At about 1:20 a.m. local time a Pakistani helicopter was shot down by unknown people in the Sikandarabad area of Abbotabad. The Pakistani forces launched a search operation in the nearby area and encountered with a group of unknown armed people. A fire exchange followed between the two sides. When the fire exchange ended, the Pakistani forces arrested some Arab women and kids as well some other armed people who later confessed to the Pakistani forces they were with Osama Bin laden when the fire was exchanged and Bin Laden was killed in the firing. Local media reported that after the dead body of Bin Laden was recovered, two U.S. helicopter flew to the site and carried away the dead body of Bin Laden. China has a growing relationship with the Pakistani government, and is also expanding its influence into Afghanistan. Read more:

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 chinese are right. kyani is lying and he is giving impression that americans did this operation without his knowledge. and actually it is now clear that pakistani army did this operation under command of american forces. american forces have many bases inside pakistan from where they do drone attacks on tribal areas too.pakistan army is just a slave of american army since last ten years. read below how kyani lied today so that muslim jihadi groups spare him.these munafiqeen think that muslims are easy to fool.pakistani army by killing osama has made enemy of entire muslim ummah from palestine to burma.thats why kyani like people are shaken and are lying now baltantly kyani gives the impression that america did this operation without pakistan knowing it. its such a lie that earth will shake. you know that all border area with afghanistan is under pakistani airforce radars and no american plane or even a sparrow can enter pakistani airspace if pakistani army does not want that. such lying ppl are our generals! pakistan is under american control and its atomic installations are also fully under american doubt about it now...and kyani and all pakistan army is nothing but a tool and slave of american army... this truth will feel bitter to pakistani munafiqeen who love kyani and their caste and nation more than their prophet muhammad ...but the truth is truth .someone has to write it no matter how bitter it is

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