"Let there arise out of you a band of people inviting to all that is good enjoining what is right and forbidding what is wrong; they are the ones to attain felicity".
(surah Al-Imran,ayat-104)
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nawaiwaqt has always been a pillar of munafiqat in pakistan press,its leader majeed nizami is portrayed by nawaiwaqt people as some sort of "prophet".the fact is that majeed nizami is greatest munafiq.majeed nizaami sells nazria e pakistan from his idaara and gets fully paid for it...though he does not know that nazria e pakistan is infact islam and only true islamists in pakistan are taliban and mujahideen who are fighting against zionists agents.

all muslim leaguis ,ppp people and all other politicians that nizami worships are enemies of islam and pakistan.


majeed nizami writes on his papers front page that greatest jihad is to say truth to jaabir ruler,,,but the fact is that majeed nizami has always praised enemies of pakistan like bhutto ,zerdari,nawaz shareef and etc...his paper always hides the truth and is spokesman of either the secular muslim leaguis or a sect that worships graves.


nowadays due to praise of zerdari mafia and nawaz shareef mafia nawaiwaqt gets a lot of advertisements from government,and its now making a lot of  money ....


majeed nizamis hatred towards religious figures and true islam has always been apparent in his views,,,majeed nizaami likes and idealises zaani sheraabi  secular muslim leagui leaders more than religious people,

allama iqbal in his last days showed his disenchantment with muslim leagui leadership as they were totally anti islam people,and they had nothing to do with islam,thats why allama iqbal invited maulana maududi to come to lahore to make available a new generation that is both islamic and patriotic pakistanis.this thing is not digested by seculars like  majeed nizaami who are allergic to true islam and like munafiqeens islam that muslim leaguis follow.


one can have differences with jamaat islami as like others they also have failed but to attack religious figures like maulana maududi is unacceptable.majeed nizaami and his muslim leagui munafiq leaders are a dwarf infront of great religious scholars like maududi etc,,they should learn to respect religious people or allah will finish them soon inshalah.


majeed nizaami is now using a very misguided pet of his own named syed israr bukhari to attack maulana maududi ...

the religion of majeed nizaami is singing and spreading fahaashi and obscenity...he is 90 years old but his love for money and glamour is suprising....when someone asked him in one paper that why he publsihes obscene pictures of women in his family magazine than he replied that i am not from religious party!!i am a muslim leagui and muslim leaguis are liberal!!!!

nowadays nawaiwaqt is in forefront of war against islam by pakistani government and army.they label mujahideen as terrorists and always give government and army,s view regarding this war on terrorism and as our government and army are both american slaves so infact nawaiwaqt by defaming mujahideen is helping americans in destroying islam and pakistan...if you dont believe these words read yourself.



now s israr bukhari of nawaiwaqt is being used by  majeed nizami  as pet dog to attack religious figures.remember that this is same pseudo religious guy who wrote a column few years ago in which he said that music is totally halaal and allowed in islam!when some people sent him valid hadeeth from sahih bukhari (making music haraam ) this misguided guy just did not listen.

same israr bukhari wrote praises for general kyaani in his last column like a bhaand or miraasi in villages praises his chaudery.

nowadays nawaiwaqts policy is to praise zerdari.kyaani and nawaz shareef who are all american stooges by praising these american agents the nawaiwaqt paper is infact putting final nails in pakistans coffin.

apart from s israr bukhari another nawaiwaqt columnist named ajmal niazi acts like biggest miraasi and bhaand,,,he keeps on praising bhutto and zerdari in his every column, in a very very cheap way ,for which he was recently awarded tamgha e imtiaaz from president!


so please muslims of pakistan.pray with me that allah gets rid of these munafiqeen from pakistan and give us a truely islamic and religious leadership who first bans all media...remember that media is biggest weapon against islam and newspapers like jang nawaiwaqt etc are all working for american agenda in pakistan which is to finish islam and islamists from pakistan.


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