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Chief Kiyani lied. Pakistan killed osama bin Laden - Chinese News Agency
Posted By: drkjke Created On: 11/May/2011 Views: 3414 Replies: 0 
Osama Bin Laden was killed by Pakistani forces, and U.S. forces merely swooped in the pick up the body (via @crampell). The report also claims that the helicopter that was shot down was Pakistani, not American. This contradicts U.S. reports that U.S. special forces entered the compound and killed Bin Laden. From Xinhua: At about 1:20 a.m. local time a Pakistani helicopter was shot down by unknown Click here to read Full Article

Osama Bin Laden.the Greatest Mujahid of last 1000 Years .and Pak Army has Brought Allahs Azaab on Pakistan
Posted By: drkjke On: 4/May/2011 Views:3021 Replies:0 
below are the original words of osama bin laden .he said them elsewhere too but in one interview he made these words immortal .read them and cry over our pathetic little lives defending our pathetic kufar or munafiq homelands while doing nothing at all for islam.. Click here to read Full Article
Fitna of majeed nizami & israr bukharis ghatyaa attacks on maulana maududi
Posted By: drkjke On: 9/Apr/2011 Views:3158 Replies:0 
nawaiwaqt has always been a pillar of munafiqat in pakistan press,its leader majeed nizami is portrayed by nawaiwaqt people as some sort of "prophet".the fact is that majeed nizami is greatest munafiq.majeed nizaami sells nazria e pakistan from his idaara and gets fully paid for it...though he does not know that nazria e pakistan is infact islam and only true islamists in pakistan are taliban and Click here to read Full Article
Pakistani COAS meets US Military leaders
Posted By: drkjke On: 24/Feb/2011 Views:3262 Replies:0 
He also had a meeting with US military leaders to discuss regional security issues and explore new ways to better coordinate military operations.The meeting was attended by US Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Admiral Michael Mullen; US Central Command Commander, General James Mattis; US Special Operations Command Commander, Admiral Eric Olson and General David Petraeus, the commander of NATO Click here to read Full Article
Deedar's Dance In Government College And Punjab University's VC Scandals
Posted By: drkjke On: 27/Jan/2011 Views:8603 Replies:4 
Stage actress Deedar put on a two-hour dance performance at the Government College University’s (GCU) Bonfire Night on Tuesday, prompting anger among some quarters at the “debasement” of one of the city’s most prestigious educational institutions.The event’s organisers said there was nothing vulgar about Deedar’s performance and it was all for a good cause, the university’s Help the Helpless Click here to read Full Article
who are "extremists"?and some of munafiqeens evil schemes, and an azaab is waiting by Kashif Jamal
Posted By: drkjke On: 22/Jan/2011 Views:3982 Replies:0 
On 16th january the heading on front page of nawaiwaqt newspaper said “Extremists (shiddat pasand) in northwest pakistan set on fire 20 nato containers bound for afghanistan ”Now as we know that nawaiwaqt claims to be islam loving and pakistan loving newspaper,but even this paper is directly or indirectly supporting americans war against islam, Click here to read Full Article
Is America's War Against Islam Pakistan's Own War? by Kashif Jamal
Posted By: drkjke On: 3/Jan/2011 Views:3307 Replies:0 
lately pakistani politicians like aitizaz ahsan ,mian shehbaz shareef and others have joined other secular politicians in their claim that americans war against "terrorism"(read islam ) is pakistanis own it true?is this war america started against muslims actually pakistani muslims war? Click here to read Full Article
Iqbals great vision,his poem 'jihad' and its importance,and present day
Posted By: drkjke On: 20/Nov/2010 Views:5355 Replies:0 
Iqbals great vision,his poem 'jihad' and its importance,and views of present day pseudo muslim Click here to read Full Article
Police State And Khadim e Aala's Mughal Like Rule by kashif jamal
Posted By: drkjke On: 28/Sep/2010 Views:3074 Replies:0 
Paul craig roberts is a famous american and he has worked on top government slots.As he was very close to govt and high ups so he has close eye on american system and government.In one of his articles he has given his future prediction about america in 2017.this article every one must read but my article is not about his article only.i want to Click here to read Full Article
Asabiyyah or Nationalism And Why Islam Prohibits From It. by Kashif Jamal
Posted By: drkjke On: 2/Sep/2010 Views:3293 Replies:1 
Asabiyyah or nationalism is one of foremost causes of decline of muslim ummah in general and Pakistani muslims in particular.What is asabiyyah ? we will discuss below its definition plus what islam says about it.The causes and the diseases that have weakened the Muslim ummah are many, and the asabiyyah with all its kinds and forms is one of these deadly diseases that have weakened the Muslim Click here to read Full Article
Sufi And Grave Worshippers Ideological Attacks And Their Reply by Kashif Jamal
Posted By: drkjke On: 30/Jul/2010 Views:3244 Replies:1 
In nawaiwaqt paper a columnist by name of ali akbar alazhari has written two very objectionable columns in last 2 weeks ..this guy is sufi shia mixed ideology .and it seems that he does not believe in respecting other sects of islam and in his last two columns he has openly attacked those sects of islam like deobandi and ahl e hadeeth who do not wo Click here to read Full Article

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