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(surah Al-Imran,ayat-104)
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Allam iqbals poem named below





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when allama iqbal died ,one famous british officer of that time gave very strange but true comments,which always haunt me.

that british officer said that "today the last muslim of subcontinent has died!!!"

how true were these words.
actually after iqbal no famous man was born in subcontinent with such great vision and such great love for islam.
iqbals whole life was spent in dreams of islamic renaissence through jihad and khilafat,,his whole life was spent on reflecting on quran and these reflections are clearly seen in his poetry.

iqbals all poetry is awe inspiring and if we compare iqbal to other poets like faiz than we see that be it faiz or ghaalib or whoever they were all small dwarfs in front of iqbal.iqbal towers over the rest.

because iqbal did not say his poetry like other subcontinent poets ,who said poetry for love and women and promiscuity. iqbals all potery is derived from quran.
his one concept of khudi is such strong and great and so deep that just this one concept makes iqbal shine like sun among other poets.

thousands  of pages on iqbal can be written but here i give his one poem named jihad.its so deep so true and is fully applicable to present era,showing that allah gave iqbal a very great vision

here is the poem



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brief explaination of iqbals poem is as below

1....fatwa hai shaikh kaa kai yeh zamaana qalam kaa hai

dunyaa main ab rahi nahin talwaar kaargar

iqbal here says that present day pseudo scholars claim that jihad by sword is no longer valid and necessary now and that only pen and worldly knowledge is useful nowdays.

this is so true observation by iqbal.

recently  shehbaaz shareef the chief minsiter said same words ,that at present era only pen and knowledge can win wars!and swords and arms are not needed.same thoughts are of majority of islamic scholars of present era too.  which is all totally wrong nonsense.....if only worldly knowledge and progress could win wars than at present america would not be getting defeated in afghanistan by hands of taliban!taliban have less worldly knowhow and progress than majority of muslim nations at present,but taliban have iman ,bravery and spirit of jihad which other muslims lack.


and its iman and bravery that win wars! just take our example,we are very educated nation compared to afghans ,but we are american slaves ,while afghans are defeating the what did our education give us? the truth is that without islam in heart the worldly education etc have no value, and iman in allah  with swords and bravery will be useful till end of times,whoever will have them will be free while other nations will be enslaved.

2....laikin janaab shaikh ko maulum kya nahin
masjid main ab yeh waaz hai bai sood o bai asar

here iqbal says that these worldly scholars dont know that in present days modern society mosques such secular propoganda is not useful anymore (because in such mosques and societies muslims have already left jihad so the reason these pseudo scolars give anti jihad fatwas in first place is no longer present)

3...taigh o tafang dast e musalmaan main hain kahaan
hon bhi to dil hain maut ki lazzat say baikhabar

iqbal says that nowdays in muslims hands you will not find swords as spirit of jihad is no more,even if you see someone carrying sword or weapons among muslims than their hearts lack the spirit of jihad and they are afraid to give sacrifices in islams way.muslims in khulfa e rashideen time loved to die in allahs cause bravely but nowdays muslims have forgotten the greatness and pleasure of dying in this higher cause of allah.

the muslims have forgotten the lazzat (taste) of shahaadat nowdays in love for material world.

4.......kaafir ki maut say bhi laraztaa ho jiss kaa dil
kehtaa hai kaun usay kay musalmaan ki maut mer

iqbal here says that nowdays muslims are so weak that they are afraid to fight against oppressors, and they are so weak morally that their hearts shake when  enemies of allah and humanity are killed in battlefields,

this is all because of materialism that muslims hearts have softened and weakened so much that they shake on destruction of kufar (see nowdays how muslims take sides of kufar in present day war against islam! is it not amazing that how far iqbal,s eyes saw by allahs grace!).

if you check out new generation their hearts shake like dry leaves when they see a brave muslim mujahid blow up american or other kufar aggressors, but same new generation muslims do not mind at all when their sister aafia is being raped in american prisons.all these youngsters need is an american visa,they have no higher goal than this for their lives! iqbal says that when such so called muslims will die ( inshalah) allah will not include them among muslims! "kaun kehtaa hai keh musalmaan ki maut mer"

5.... taaleem uss ko chaahiyey terk e jihaad ki

dunyaa ko jiss kay punjaa e khooneen say ho khater

iqbal says that why not modern muslim scholars urge kufar to stop their wars against muslims,as its kufar whose swords are killing muslims and not the other way . but pseudo scholars of muslims only try to stop muslims from raising swords in defensive jihad. how true is this observation of iqbal,totally fits in present era.

6.......baatil kay faal o fer ki hifaazet kay waastay
europe zerrah main doob gayaa dosh taa kamer

iqbal here tells us that europe (by europe he meant all the world of kufer) has armed itself to the teeth to protect the system of satan they are enforcing throughout the world,and for this they are using their full resources and weapons and man power.just for the strength of this system of evil.

7.....hum poochtay hain shaikh kaleesaa nawaz say!
 mashriq main jang ager sher hai to maghrib main bhi hai sher

iqbal here says that " i ask these kufar loving muslim scholars that why you only criticise muslims who take up swords in defense of their religion and nations ?why you not criticise westren powers of kufer who invade muslims in first place and enslave them ?

because if it is war and blood shed that makes you criticise jihad than why not you criticise kufar who attack muslims first and enslave them and kill them in millions.

how far was iqbals vision mashalah...iqbals vision of kufar loving muslim scholars fits 90% of present day so called "muslim intellectuals".this shows how allah gives vision to pious muslims.

and subhanallah.what a vision iqbal had by allahs grace .he said the above 90 years ago and it is more applicable to present era than to iqbals era.

8.........huq say ager gharez hai to kyaa zebaa hai yeh baat
        islam kaa muhaasaba europe say derguzer!

iqbal here says that what sort of pseudo scholars we muslims have unfortunately...can anyone with even a part of truth in him be like such scholars?who only do accountability of muslims and islam and forget and forgive when kufar destroy the peace of the world and spread fitna.

if we see at present day "moderate" and "roshan khyaal" scholars on our tv channels, its the same story will hear all of these pseudo scholars criticising jihad and muslim mujahideen .they criticise the mujahideen for defending themselves and their countries from kufar aggression, but these pseudo scholars never ever criticise their kufar masters from west,who are aggressors and initiated the war against islam in first place.

have you ever heard any of our tv channel scholars (even islamic channels included) use word terrorist for any kaafir or munafiq ? by munafiqeen i mean muslim country,s armies who are supporting kufar,s war against islam. but same pseudo scholars day and night just like chatter box , keep repeating the word terrorist for muslim mujahideen.

they dont give mujahideen even the right to defend themselves against attacks from these kufar munafiqeen coalition...when mujahideen defend themselves its labelled terrorism!

anyway if iqbal was born in present era he would surely be sold by pakistanis to americans and he would be in gunatenamo bay now...thank allah that allah saved iqbal this humilation and made him pass away from this world before pakistan was created .


another part of iqbals poetry is given below

in this poem  iqbal says that the whole world belongs to muslims inshalah,including india china and west.

he further says in below poem that true muslims grow up under shades of swords, and dagger in jihad is the national symbol of muslims and inshalah no one can erase islam from world till we muslims have spirit of jihad.






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