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On 16th january the heading on front page of nawaiwaqt newspaper said “Extremists (shiddat pasand) in northwest pakistan  set on fire 20 nato containers bound for afghanistan

Most people wont look second time at this news but it reveals a lot about our society now.why is that?let me explain.


Now as we know that nawaiwaqt claims to be islam loving and pakistan loving newspaper,but even this paper is directly or indirectly supporting americans war against islam,as in our society all rich people and people on high posts have sold their iman for these worldly gains.


Just check the word “extremist” or shiddat pasand used by this papers against those mujahideen who very legitimately attacked these nato containers which were carrying arms and weapons for americans, in afghanistan and pakistani tribal areas.the same weapons are than used to kill and ethnically cleanse the muslims of tribal area of pakistan and afghanistan.american and british “civilised” soldiers than shoot innocent pakhtoon women and children and rape them too…few months back even the british paper published a report which revealed that british and american soldiers use afghan civilians for target practice and kill them at random for no reason.old people or very young children all are killed this way.when asked that why they are doing this, the soldiers replied that afghans and muslims are not humans,so its just like we are killing stray dogs.   And for this atrocity who gives weapons to these kufar? our own army and civil rulers!

 pak army is also killing the same tribal and afghan muslims by aerial bombing plus ground assault ,on daily bases,though newspapers like nawaiwaqt jang etc will never tell you this truth as they keep on singing “ai meray watan kay sajeelay jawaano “ and do flattery of pakistani isi and army like jokers (bhaands and meeraasis would be ashamed if they see pakistani newspapers flattering their army, rulers etc) ..


but when mujahid muslims to safeguard the lives of their women and children try to burn some nato weapons containers than these newspapers label them “extremists”! and american and british kufar who invaded afghanistan and their slave pakistan civil and army rulers who are  killing their own citizens to please their american masters are labelled as “heroes “ and liberators…haha !what a joke.


inshalah allah will send his big azaab on such munafiqeen who are strengthening the hands of kufar,inshalah they will be destroyed before kufar.

I have no complain against those munafiqeen living in west ,or those ruling us,who have made dollars their real god ,and so they support kufars war against islam by labelling mujahideen as terrorists,,they do this for earning more dollars and for their kids good education in west,let them enjoy their lives till allah takes away their souls and put them in azaab.


My complaint is against common pakistanis who have not even enough to eat due to this unjust unislamic social system we have,,,even low level politician and bureacrats ,and even low ranked army officials children study in westren universities (costing millions of ruppees) ,while a common pakistani (who are 95 % of population) has barely enough to eat…this unjust social order is only because we don’t have islam in our society,islam ensures equality and just distribution of why not common pakistani stands up and breaks the back of these secular munafiqeen rulers looting us dry and killing us to please their kufar masters?so many countries have seen revolution lately than why pakistani nation is dead?why they not free themselves from kufar slaves.


The taliban who are labelled “terrorists” by munafiqeen , have  given us a bright example of how to rule.during their rule their ameer mullah umer lived in a kacchaa house made of mud and he was seeing eating dry bread with water on eid day ( munafiqeen civil and army rulers here who criticise mujahideen spend millions of ruppees on feeding their dogs ,cats and horses!)

taliban,s chief justice went to afghan supreme court on a bicycle and his two sons worked as common labourers in the same city! (not like pakistani chief justice iftikhar chaudery whose son drives mercedes! And that’s why he is our hero!)


when taliban left afghan government they did not take gold bricks that were present in national afghan treasury building!they did not touch this gold saying that this belongs to people of afghanistan !(this news came in west papers too) ,while our roshan khayaal,liberal and secular  ministers and prime minister etc looted billions of  ruppees each, from corruption in 2010 hajj operations  alone!


In swat too, during talibans brief rule islams light and blessings were clearly seen…taliban made the doctors  take half fees ,made the shopkeepers to sell goods at right price and not to loot the customers as is the case in rest of pakistan.LPG prices in swat were reduced to almost half level compared to neighbouring nwfp areas ,as taliban did not take commission or bribery nor they let other people do the same.


And the taliban  empowered the poor example is that they started giving 50% of share of precious stones mining to the swati labourers who worked daily to unearth these stones, 50 % share would be their and 50 % share would be for islamic amaraat for good of poor to be deposited in  baitulmaal.this 50 % share came to about lakhs of ruppees per day,while pakistani secular government gave the same miners hardly 500 rs per day or less !

This is a glimpse of social justice of islam,it empowers and enriches the poor labourers and thus a just society is established.not like secular system where government,s selcted few politicians and generals and their families  get 99% of resources plus earnings of government and common people and labourers etc don’t even get enough to eat despite working so hard!

So this was another reason that munafiqeen fought so hard against swati islamists ,as they feared that if the stories of success of islamic system in swat reaches the rest of pakistan than their looting and lavish life styles may become in jeopardy and they and their sons might loose the tight grip they have on pakistani people,s necks from where they suck their blood dry.they did not want this wave of islamisation to reach outside islamisation means end to their lavish corrupt lifestyles.


What is pakistani society nowadays?99% of wealth and resources in hands of 5 percent elite,rest of 95% people live like animals!this is worse form of slavery from which only islam can free us.pakistani people why are you so afraid of islam!taht you always vote for anti islam people like altaf husain awami national party ,peoples party and muslim league.if you keep trusting these munafiqeen and remain distan from islam than allah will erase you and bring some other people who will islamise this region ,as this is destiny of this region!


if you march not forth (in allahs way), he will punish you with a painful torment and will replace you with other people , and you can not harm him at all,and allah is able to do all things …(surah al-tauba ayat no.39)

Anyway munafiqeen joined forces and labelled these swati muslims as terrorists because they feared that if islam spread to other parts of country than how would  civil and army rulers buy big ranches in united states for their kids?…so swat was “liberated” after killing 12 thousand swati citizen and demolishing hundreds of mosques,,,

and  after this so called liberation our army organised a “freedom festival” in swat ,in which those prostitutes and pimps who were driven out of swat by taliban were taken back and glamorised, in this festival of music and dance…these prostitutes were shown even by bbc newschannel and there is record for them if anyone wants to check…newspapers proudly announced that our army has liberated swat and now instead of islamic sharia “dance”, “music”  and prostitution (which are parts of “moderate or roshan khayaal ideology” will again rule here!),newspapers showed interviews of singers and musicians and female dancers who were extremely happy that pak army liberated them from islamic “oppression”


some rich people,big businessmen,big hotel owners ( who promoted prostitution ) and politicians of swat actually did support this army action, because these spoiled munafiqeen,s looting ,corruption and immoral activities were forcibly stopped by taliban,,,the same spoiled people were interviewed again and again by pakistani munafiq media to show that “public” supported army operation.

Allah so much disliked this atrocity that within a month a massive flood came and never in history of swat such flood was seen!those swati businessmen who supported army action in greed were totally wiped out,their homes and hotels fell like match sticks!those people who saw this they all swear that it was an azaab and strange noises were heard with water,,,a “liberal”  car dealer  supported this action of army ,his 20 cars were washed away in this flood!and he became bankrupt.many such stories are there….big giant hotels fell down and became dust, like it was not flood but some nuclear bomb that  fell on them from sky!strange things were witnessed,people saw strange dreams! Never in history such floods were seen in such high altitude.wiping everything in their path.

Anyway like always these news of destruction  were mostly  hidden by our media, which is kufars biggest helper..

Just to remind you that if common pakistanis don’t bring islamic revolution soon in this country than allah will definitely send more azaabs here, till nothing will remain,


Why not we learn lesson from tunisian revolution ,people of tunisia brought down their leaders of 23 years in a revolution and threw them out of country,,,this happened when people got angry after wiki leaks documents regarding their rulers corruption came out in pakistan so much material from wikileaks has come out regarding our rulers,that they work against islam and pakistan for dollars,but pakistani nation does nothing!


cant we see that present allahs azaab is due to this nations help of kufar forces in present day war against islam ! plus killing those islamists whose demand is just to enforce sharia law in pakistan.being a muslim its our duty to enforce system of islam in pakistan.if anyone opposes that he is not a muslim,he is either a munafiq or kafir…just being born into muslim family does not make you muslim….islamic ruling is that the one who gives up praying has committed kufer,here more than 50% of people don’t even know how to pray and they cliam to be muslims and then they argue about islam with practicing mjuslims!having never read even a word of quran or hadeeth with their own eyes such people still argue on islamic issues!when you tell them an ayat from quran they do blasphemy by saying that nauzubilah this is maulvis islam!such ignorance!

Like someone living in west wrote  that real islam is that we forgive people who do blasphemy against prophet muhammad (sallalah u alihe wasallum) !astaghfirulah.


this person ofcourse never had read hadeeth books or he had known that prophet himself ordered killing of such people,so its his sunnah.and he did not do it for his own or his zaat but for islam,because other  religions like chrsitianity ,who tolerate jews blasphemy against their prophet ,they become weak .just see nowadays how christianity is falling down all over the world..

Than someone said that nauzubbillah prophet married a christain lady…by this he again comitted blasphemy.he never bothered to read sunnah books ,that all the wives of prophet were very devout muslimahs.

Such is ignorance regarding religion here.majority of muslims particularly in west don’t even know how to read quran.


The problem is that for earning dollars muslims have lived in west, but most of them did not even bother to teach their kids how to read urdu or arabic,without being able to read these languages and only being able to read english they cant even read one word of arabic,as arabic and urdu have different way of writing from english .so most of them than  believe what is told to them by clever munafiqeen and kufar who write propoganda against islam

How can anyone remain on right path till he has access to source of hidaya or guidance, that is quran and sunnah.heresay is never good as majority of people mislead you


And if you obey majority of those on earth, they will mislead you far away from Allâh's Path. They follow nothing but conjectures, and they do nothing but lie{sura alanaam aya 116

anyway just let me give me another  example here of how munafiqeen work to weaken the bases of islamic ideology in pakistan itself too.sometimes working from west,sometime from within us.

Tayyeba zia is a columnist of nawaiwaqt ,she resides in america and her sons etc study in harvard and she is one proud lady due to that.she poses herself as very islam loving person and is as deceptive as her american masters .she writes one two columns in favour of islam than starts to complete  her own agenda for which she I guess gets paid by her masters too.


She supported obama a lot when he fought for presidency (maybe  having gotten some  benefits like childrens higher education incentives by obama people) ,after obama became president  she equated him with some kind of prophet…..when obama started to kill a dozen pakistani children daily by drone attacks and etc she changed her tone,she than started to  claim that obamas hands are tied because he wants to win second term!so we should support obama for next term and in next term he will become some kind of an angel or something! Who this stupid woman is fooling!for licking the boot of her kufar masters atleast she gets money plus her children get harvard education,but why she wants to take poor pakistanis to hell along with her who don’t even get any benefits from kufar!so pakistanis wake up!dont let munafiqeen fool you.


Also same tayyeba zia writes about “tolerance”  after every blasphemy by americans against islam!this munafiqa woman claims that tolerance and forgiveneness is the best way to deal with americans who do regular blasphemy against prophet of islam  and quran! Does she think that as she has american green card that she is wiser than sahaba etc who always dealt with blasphemy by killing the guilty ones of this crime!


Now terry jones the famous american paadri is organising the burn quran on 20th march,in public ceremoney,but this munafiqa will again blacken many pages in favour of tolerance! such munafiqeen for greed of dollars have sold their iman,and want common pakistanis too to do the same.


Nawaiwaqt etc like paper,s people who give writing space to such columnists also share their sin,and will pay in akhira for this.inshalah


Those who believe, fight in the Cause of Allah, and those who disbelieve, fight in the cause of Taghut (Satan). So fight you against the friends of Shaitan (Satan). Ever feeble indeed is the plot of Shaitan (Satan).76

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