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In nawaiwaqt paper a columnist by name of ali akbar alazhari has written two very objectionable columns in last 2 weeks ..this guy is sufi shia mixed ideology .and it seems that he  does not believe in respecting other sects of islam and in his last two columns he has openly attacked those sects of islam like deobandi and ahl e hadeeth who do not worship graves, nawaiwaqt by giving column space to such munafiqeen has shown that it too is largely a sufi sect paper and is biased against deobandi and ahl e hadeeth school of thoughts.

or nawaiwaqt to show its neutrality must have given equal space to other school of thought ulema to answer the attacks of this sufi shia guy named dr ali akbar al azhari against them.


In his columns ali akbar has written  that deobandi and ahl e hadeeth madrasas spread hatred and they should be closed .he further asked the government to forcibly change the curriculum of deobandi ahl e hadeeth madrasas and he asks that government than teach sufi shia beliefs in these madrasas by force. So he is urging like another brelvi saahibzaada fazal karim that deobandi and ahle hadeeth madrasas be nationalized and their curriculum be banned (because he says that these madrasas preach jihad).


Ali akbar alazhari than further spreads hatred against deobandi and ahl e hadeeth saying that these sects criticize shirk and bidaat of Sufis and by this they promote “jihad” against them. ali akbar further writes that the attacks on sufi shrine of ali hajveri etc were not carried out by raw or blackwater but they were without any doubt carried out by same sects who preach against shirk and bidaat (meaning from this the deobandis and ahl e hadeeth )


Ali akbar seems very angry that why these muslims stop the likes of him from doing open shirk and creating new misguided innovations in islam…


How people do open shirk in these sufi shrines can be seen from below videos


 see some links about sufis etc and their shirk


 grave worshippings links i am giving below


1... sufi peer and their shirk http



2....sufi night in lahore pakistan at shaha jamal sufi shrine



3....and see what is islams view about shirk and graveworshipping



and though Taliban were not involved in this sufi shrine attack but I can safely say that this open shirk in sufi graves  is such a big sin that skies must be shaking due to enormity of this sin.

There is no sin bigger than shirk and sufi graves are den of shirk can anyone deny that?  in recent madhu laal sufi saints urs in Lahore the  muslims were ashamed to see young girls dancing on dhol in front of Sufis grave…what kind of islam is that? And why should true muslims not preach against this shirk and obscenity?


The problem with ali akbar like misguided people is that not only they are misguided but nowdays writing against jihad and Taliban means that you become apple of American agencies eyes and they throw some bones to you for chewing (by bones ofcourse I mean dollars) that’s why these people like ali akbar are spreading hatred in society against true islam.




Than ali akbar spreads his venom more by spreading his shirkia beliefs.he says that sufi shrines have same holiness and grade as kaaba (astaghfirullah) and that what noor people feel in kaaba they feel similar noor in sufi shrines .

.thus by giving same grade to sufi shrines (where shirk is openly done and people dance on music instruments) this ali akbar has committed a blasphemy no doubt.

Ali akbar belongs to same blood suckers who celebrated when  army bombed deobandi and ahl e hadeeth mosques in fata and one such attack in nwfp city of hungu a whole madrasa of deobandi aalim named maulana ameen orakzai was destroyed.maulana ameen orakzai was one of most learned aalims of hadeeth ,he along with 100 of his teen aged students of quran and hadeeth embarced martyrdom in that bombing. at this tragedy these sufi grave worshippers were dancing in happiness. so mr ali akbar the real terrorist is people like you and its your shirkia and pro kufer beliefs that need to be curbed.


Its not a hidden fact now that Americans are distributing dollars to sufi shrines and their sufi caretakers and after accepting  these dollars these deviant people  spread violently their propaganda against jihad and islamists…islamists  who are trying to defend both Afghanistan and Pakistan from american onslaught have now biggest enemy in face of these sufi deviants who are front line weapon of American Zionists against islam.


People like majeed nizaami who claim that they love Pakistan are actually digging the roots of Pakistan by promoting these Sufis who are agents of Zionists and Americans . its understandable that majeed nizami also has sufi ideology but he claims to be moderate in his ideology ,still he gives space to these hateful deviant  sufi columnists while other papers usually try to balance things but nawaiwaqt always seems to be promoting Sufism.



Nawaiwaqt also forgot the principle that by giving such space to such hateful and misguided people they are actually promoting and spreading sectarian hatred in Pakistan



Few weeks back another sufi ideology retired colonal named ikram ulllah also did blasphemy in nawaiwaqt by claiming that sufi shrine of ali hajveri in lahore has same grade as kaaba and he than claimed  that just like to save kaaba allah sent birds similarly allah will send birds to destroy the “islamists” who attacked that sufi shrine!

.(Taliban again and again said that they were not involoved in this attack but these American agent sufi grave worshippers are given money by americans to spread hatred against Taliban)


This colonal also claimed that in 65 war Lahore was saved from Indian attack  due to

Ali hajveri etc like sufi saints whose graves are in lahore.  He said that in last thousand years from their graves the sufi saints  always saved Lahore .(nauzubillah this means that these saints  had  allahs can anyone save you but allah! ). 

 this misguided person in his passion forgot that ali hajveri passed away  one thousand years ago and  after his death many times Lahore was occupied by enemies.for example Sikhs and british ruled over Lahore for hundreds of years after ali hajveris demise…


its only and only allah who can save any nation or destroy them…no man dead or alive has any say in this matter …allah is supreme and no one is like Him in zaat and sifaat,  and only and only allah protects us from enemy and what allah wills no one can change.



Than another hate preacher izhar ul haq (who has strange faith and beliefs) wrote few days ago in nawaiwaqt that whoever says that Lahore sufi shrine of ali hajveris grave was attacked by indian agency raw or blackwater should be jailed . izhar ul haq ofcourse blamed islamists for that attack by these comments..this is same izhar ul haq who once openly praised his master altaf Husain who is mqms chief and biggest terrorist and Indian agent in Pakistan…this shows why he is defending Indian agencies, being a slave of altaf Husain he must be in love with India ofcourse.


Than let me give you people a brief lesson in history,,,the ali hajveri whose shrine these Sufis consider holier than kaaba was an afghani muslim .who left afghanistans city of ghazni and came to Lahore to preach islam when this area was dominated by hindus…nowdays when any afghani is considered terrorist in Lahore the lahoris should know that ali hajveri who spread islam in this city was an afghan and afghan mujahideen are not only his spiritual but actual children.

Ali hajveri never preached shirk…he himself once said that people call me ganj bakhsh (meaning a person who can give you happiness) but they are wrong.ali hajveri reportedly said that provider of happiness and sadness and rizq is only allah. Not any human)…but like others his message was twisted and his grave became a place of bidaat innovation and shirk which is real tragedy.


No human is higher in grade than our prophet Muhammad (sallalah u alih e wasallum).anyone who does not believe that is not a muslim .and when  our prophet himself strictly said that  his grave not be made a place of sajida than which other person in humanity deserves that his grave be made place of sajida !!! who can deny that in Indian subcontinent people do open sajidas to graves and than pray openly to dead saints rather than to allah!


Will allah forgive this open shirk?ofcourse not, as allah said that shirk will never be forgiven




Verily, Allaah forgives not that partners should be set up with him in worship, but He forgives except that (anything else) to whom He pleases, and whoever sets up partners with Allaah in worship, he has indeed invented a tremendous sin." (EMQ an-Nisaa, 4: 48)


If you join others in worship with Allaah, (then) surely (all) your deeds will be in vain, and you will certainly be among the losers." (EMQ az-Zumar, 39: 65)


And of mankind are some who take (for worship) others besides Allaah as rivals (to Allaah). They love them as they love Allaah. But those who believe, love Allaah more (than anything else)..." (EMQ al-Baqarah, 2: 165)

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Replied by(drkjke) Replied on (30/Jul/2010)

sorry that in above article i missed the video links depicting sufi deviant ways and about islams verdict on grave worshippings links i am giving below sufi peer and their shirk  sufi night in lahore pakistan at shaha jamal sufi shrine  and see what is islams view about shirk and gravewosrhipping  
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