"Let there arise out of you a band of people inviting to all that is good enjoining what is right and forbidding what is wrong; they are the ones to attain felicity".
(surah Al-Imran,ayat-104)
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There reached the fool, from where he belonged

By: A – Haq, London

A village had to face calamities quite often; sometimes it suffered stormy winds and at other times the earthquakes- always some calamity or the other waited upon them. The Wise of the village decided to protect people against calamities in future. Everyone was surprised on how can anyone protect against a calamity? The Wise were the literate few of the village, the rest of the village people were illiterate, so the people agreed to what they said. Soon the news came regarding a chain of continuous rains with the possibility of heavy storm to accompany as well. The Wise of the village gathered all the villagers and directed them with useful pieces of advice. The people listened to their talk carelessly, not believing on anything, and so they returned to their homes.

Just after a few days the rainy season set in and stormy winds blew away the roofs and demolished weaker walls. It all resulted in a number of casualties which turned the entire village atmosphere melancholic. Many of the peoples lost their entire life long savings. In the end the villagers got involved in their routine toil. The crux of the story is that people didn’t listen to instructions of the Wise of the village and consequently suffered. They followed their wishful thinking and the results were disastrous.

Pakistan’s General Elections aftermath is a unique anomaly of the story. Imran Khan and the literate strata of society tried their level best to save the nation from the bloody clutches of the corrupt mafia and advised them well in time resist from voting the corrupt leaders. But the Elections came and passed like any other calamity and the people have returned to their routine life. There is a wise saying, ‘Leaders are alike public’. The people needed no change; they deserved such rulers so there has been no change. The same corrupt politicians are here with the same corrupt judiciary. During interim set-up Elections and the leadership were showered on the sick and old people who cannot survive without help.

The rulers and the politicians together played a trick with the nation and the elderly ones showered their favours on them. LDA Plaza caught fire to hide corruption evidence and irregularities of the authorities and the politicians, elections were rigged openly and the protesters and the critics were threatened!! –the slogan ‘save the system’ prevailed.

This was surely an expected outcome that ‘For-sale’ politicians (Lotas in vernacular) are again handed over the reins of the government. Who backed that system and them and for what heinous purpose will soon be exposed.

The regretful thing is that what sort of caricatures we have to replace great people. Nawaz Sharif is enjoying the President ship of Mulim League today -- the presidency of the Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah and recently in the past Prime Minister of PPPP Raja Pervaiz Ashraf enjoyed the seat of PPP’s popular leader Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto. Some has earned the title of Mr. 10%, someone is called a property dealer, yet someone else is Mian ‘Nikkah’ Sharif for having reputation of hidden mirages perhaps because the Muslim League Leaders have enough expertise in such marriages. Every other day scams of hidden marriages and family feuds become part of the news leads.

No patriot ever liked to see Pakistan standing where it stood at the time of establishment nearly 60 years ago. It is all because of ‘Polarization of Families’ in politics.

If ever readers are asked to write an essay on politicians, he/she should add this sentence: ‘God created man as supreme of His creation but the man liked to become a politician and its worst form can be seen in Pakistan.





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