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Pak-American Unflinching love affair

A-Haq (London)

Right from the first day, it is an established truth that the enemy must never be considered weak because if you consider yourself a powerful country then you must consider your enemy country double powerful. But who will teach the Americans this ‘saying’? America, that wants to superimpose her power on everyone and wants to declare herself a superpower and considers resolution of every problem in war.

 It tries to get involved herself in one issue or the other in almost every country to show how powerful she is? But earlier, Russia was the superpower and was proud of being the most powerful country, brave and relentless. But she faced such an ignoble downfall that all her pride was shattered and she broke up into pieces. Now America is following the same tread and instead of sorting out issues on the basis of universal human brotherhood, takes up arms against the Taliban on every small issue the way as if they were her own trainees. The entire burden of this type of thinking and set of mind is faced by Islamic countries and particularly Pakistan.

Taliban movement has terrorised the entire world for decades. Every second crime or a bomb blast is referred to be their activity. There have been unlimited numbers of bomb blasts in Pakistan, which are continued even now. In order to sort out issues with the Taliban, Pakistan has used numerous options and operations but the conditions are not improving. In the end the government of Pakistan tried dialogue with them, to listen to their point of view. Both the parties agreed upon it and the Prime Minister of Pakistan, himself conveyed President Obama developments regarding the issue. But as he poses to ignore any positive development or is hard of hearing, he showed no reaction.

The Prime Minister had talked twice about the issue of Drone Attacks but instead of showing any reaction he not even changed facial impression. The Prime Minister of Pakistan came back empty handed and the Drone Attacks continued. The most wanted Taliban leader Hakeem ullah Mehsood was martyred even before the initiation of the peace dialogue.

It clearly proved once for all that America is behind all terrorist activities in Pakistan. Peace is not on the American agenda. America pinches the Taliban and the Taliban angrily react against Pakistani public.

This time America attacked with Drone at the time when a grand meeting of the Taliban was continued. They were discussing matters related to dialogue with the government of Pakistan. The attack not only infuriated the Taliban but also endangered the peace talks.

Earlier, Osama bin Laden a Taliban Leader was martyred by the American armed forces in Abbotabad as per the news sources. Pakistan media got the news after his death. Infuriated Taliban poured their anger on the Pakistani public and killed innocent people in the innumerable attacks that followed his death.

Once again America has put Pakistan into hot waters. The issues Pakistan intends to solve by negotiation, on the basis of brotherhood and peaceful means; America interrupts and starts speaking war-talk. The consequences are resultantly faced by poor country like Pakistan.

Things would have been different if America had attacked in ignorance but it was not so. The Prime Minister had clearly told Obama regarding initiation of peace talks. Such a relentless attitude from American side, after all this, is surely humiliating for the government. It was clear earlier as well but now a certificate has been handed over regarding America’s no concern for Pakistan. America does not have any sympathy for Pakistan rather wants to make a show of her anger, power and authority to the world.  

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