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Where’s the Quaid-e- Azam’s Pakistan

A - Haq. London

For the last 65 years, eyes are searching for the country of the Quaid, for which the true nationalists dreamt of-for which the people had sacrificed their precious lives like something to be offered as in alms. For which the innocent people had quitted their homes, shelters and properties overlooking all forms of wealth and amenities. They had come out penniless and shelter-less. They had come out to salute their homeland. But, is it because their eyes have a sore or the age problem that the fresh-looking beautiful Pakistan of their dreams appears nowhere in front of their eyes. Where is the Pakistan of our dear Quaid, which had been passed on to us to live in peacefully and to be safe-guarded by us?

Perhaps no ruler of the country will ever be able to face those victims on the Day of Judgement who had spent all their life to carve out a pure-land ‘Pakistan’. What did their progeny got? --- A bullet to be killed? Or yet got dearness and hunger to live on? It was there all ready in the united sub-continent. At that time it was better perhaps to be martyred by a Sikh or a Hindu or a Christian. They were declared a martyred. But now a ‘dog’ can be proclaimed by a so-called Mullah to be martyred instead of a Muslim. Now the public is being killed like the ‘death of a dog’ and the dog ‘a death of a Muslim’. In the Hindi movies we were usually surprised to see Hindus being declared as martyred, but the time of those thoughts are over. Now it is a Mullah who in a fit of unthinking, has declared that a dog if killed by America is also a martyr.

O my Quaid-e-Azam what should I tell,

How is your dream homeland?

It’s so terrible!!!

Establishing a country and making benefit of the country (looting the exchequer) are diametrically apart, but unluckily we have got such rulers who come for corruption or start corruption the moment they step into the corridors of power. The entire country is bruised and bleeding. The birthplace of the Quaid has been turned into the altar where bloodshed is frequent. Killings, fire, hunger and loot and terrorism are the order of the day. The value of the life of a Muslim is above price, but not it has become priceless. Today a bullet equals his price perhaps. Is this the two-Nation Theory for which the country was established--to make it a slogan for mockery later- the country of the haves and have-nots and of powerful and the powerless.

Every other day Muslims are being killed by the so-called Muslims. These hungry and thirsty souls are confused whether it is martyrdom or the unlawful and unethical killing. My analysis, my thinking and my power of decision and rationality have come to an end. My experiences and my learning and education have stopped helping me to find out clues to this panicle. Ages have passed struggling and striving, with boils in the feet and watchful eyes seeing the new generation wasted and worn, but still there are no signs of the freedom to the innocent and repeatedly victimised public of which they were shown the dream years ago.

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