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Manners are lost in Poverty

By: A – Haq, London

A person who turns behind to look is considered of stone and people step over, to cross whosoever stops. Within this world is a country Pakistan by name that is running a backward race forgetting all obligations to humanity. The country which came into existence in the name of Islam; everything is for sale there- from intoxicants to bodies, economically chained and crushed maidenhood to conscience of the pious, Faith as well as a human being himself.

It is not poetry; it is reality under the nose of the government and her law-enforcing agencies. Even regretful is that all this is happening for the sake of eating food. For that food which is promised by Allah all ready. The only condition Allah puts on it is steadfast piety. If man keeps faith and continue struggle in life, surely he will have his food by the end of day. ‘Food is reduced where there is nudity rampant in society’: relates the saying of the holy prophet. Nudity is being promoted through media in all its forms.

But people have lost faith. Nobody can number the evils being committed right from looting and plundering to feuds and murders. The only reason behind all these depraves is lack of information of the injunctions of religion and disobedience to Allah, in which-ever shade it may be. Right from childhood we are told to obey elders and treat children with kindness but nobody cares for it. We have forgotten the value of a human being. Elder one or the younger one, everyone is considered equal. Nobody respects anyone.

How this new generation is being destroyed just because of poverty and hunger is questionable. The intensity with which population is increasing in Pakistan, poverty and unemployment are also increasing at the same rate. Millions of children are forced to undergo labour work despite all rules and laws; many of them are too young to do any labour work.

 Most of such people belong to extremely poor families shifted to cities from rural areas to earn livelihood. The parents are forced by poverty to push their loved ones to labour work or sell them just to meet the basic requirements of the family. Men, women, children and the crippled of ages ranging newly born to extremely old are found round the clock on city corners asking for alms. Alms-taking has also become an attractive profession. It is not something old to say that there was time when despite poverty there were only a few who resort to alms, or might have been sleeping hungry at night because they did not like alms-taking. Even the poorest among them claimed respect and dignity. Farming was mostly the only profession feeding the community.

Our legislators never thought about the consequences of poverty and how intense can be the repercussions. How fast they will have to react to avoid ‘The Second French Revolution’? Otherwise the next generation may live with corruption but surely not with hunger. Thanks be to God, people have the passion for change, and the will to change. This is the only hope of a changed society in future. The politicians and the legislators must think before it is too late.

According to the research facts and figures of the UNO, the hunger level had been increased by the increasing prices of utilities and food items which have rendered every eighth person fall under the category of Hunger.

In a unanimous declaration made by International leaders had planned to control Hunger at World level during the years 2000 to 2015. Regretfully, since the year 2000, the rate of poverty is increasing day by day instead of reducing. The conditions were rather better earlier. One of UN Report has accepted that during the years 2010-2012, 868 million faced hunger situation which is nearly 12.5% of the total world population.

In the recent past, every country is deeply affected by numerous economic crises. The problems were there earlier but perhaps the facts were not exposed on this level.

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