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Religion and State Law by A. Haq (London)
Posted By: Haq Created On: 19/Dec/2013 Views: 1508 Replies: 0 
In any country, if a religion is designated as a state religion and that is promulgated with all its injunctions as the law of a country or state, it can cause enormous hindrances in the way of progress and improvement of the country. As for example if today we implement Christianity as the state religion in England and promulgate its teachings as the law of the country, Hindus, Muslims, Jews and Click here to read Full Article

Where’s the Quaid-e- Azam’s Pakistan by A - Haq. London
Posted By: Haq On: 16/Dec/2013 Views:1458 Replies:0 
For the last 65 years, eyes are searching for the country of the Quaid, for which the true nationalists dreamt of-for which the people had sacrificed their precious lives like something to be offered as in alms. For which the innocent people had quitted their homes, shelters and properties overlooking all forms of wealth and amenities. They had come out penniless and shelter-less. They had come ou Click here to read Full Article
Pak-American Unflinching love affair by A-Haq (London)
Posted By: Haq On: 15/Nov/2013 Views:1565 Replies:0 
Right from the first day, it is an established truth that the enemy must never be considered weak because if you consider yourself a powerful country then you must consider your enemy country double powerful. But who will teach the Americans this ‘saying’? America, that wants to superimpose her power on everyone and wants to declare herself a superpower and considers resolution of every problem in Click here to read Full Article
What should Pakistan do ? by A – Haq
Posted By: Haq On: 17/Sep/2013 Views:1547 Replies:0 
Once again there are on media news of attack on a Muslim country. Now the things are so severe and hot that America and the other countries are preparing for an onslaught on Syria. Every country establishes contacts, links and pacts to secure her borders, the same way other countries establish their relations to cooperate each other in the time of need and crisis. In the case of war on Syria there Click here to read Full Article
Politics Vs Religion by A - Haq, London
Posted By: Haq On: 10/Aug/2013 Views:1574 Replies:0 
Countless people live in various parts of the globe whose hearts anxiously beat with Pakistan. A few days back, my heart spoke volumes in favour I came across an honourable religious personality. I haven’t met such a sincere, committed and dedicated person without a parallel. After meeting with him, I feel so compelled to pen down Click here to read Full Article
Lucky Guy by A – Haq
Posted By: Haq On: 23/Jul/2013 Views:1401 Replies:0 
Every other day we come across incidents which change our life dramatically. It is sometimes in the form of death of some young man, or the fatal accidents which take away lives of the entire family or families. There is no doubt that God may bestow greatness on anyone or snatch away every blessing. This world is full of such life changing incidents but thenumber of people who learn from these ev Click here to read Full Article
It matters us nothing !! by A - Haq
Posted By: Haq On: 16/Jul/2013 Views:1406 Replies:0 
During the last few years Muslims were trapped in numerous movements. The result of which was only scenes of destruction. The reason behind the conditions of unrest in Iraq, Syria, Palestine, Afghanistan, Pakistan and many other Muslim countries appears to be result of American war or embargo ---but in fact it is not. It is interlinked with that part of history hundreds of years ago when ‘Islamic Click here to read Full Article
Public Slogan or Public Dependency by A - Haq London
Posted By: Haq On: 10/Jul/2013 Views:1757 Replies:0 
It has come to my knowledge that those who had never gone to the mosques went to say prayers of thanks on the departure of Peoples’ Party’s regime. In their regime more than beating anyone they dragged the public in the worst manner. So much so that the public lifted up their hands and the Peoples’ Party said good bye to the government as well as the public and vanished from the scene.The point to Click here to read Full Article
There reached the fool, from where he belonged by A – Haq, London
Posted By: Haq On: 11/Jun/2013 Views:1785 Replies:0 
A village had to face calamities quite often; sometimes it suffered stormy winds and at other times the earthquakes- always some calamity or the other waited upon them. The Wise of the village decided to protect people against calamities in future. Everyone was surprised on how can anyone protect against a calamity? The Wise were the literate few of the village, the rest of the village people were Click here to read Full Article
Manners are lost in Poverty by A – Haq
Posted By: Haq On: 29/May/2013 Views:1517 Replies:0 
A person who turns behind to look is considered of stone and people step over, to cross whosoever stops. Within this world is a country Pakistan by name that is running a backward race forgetting all obligations to humanity. The country which came into existence in the name of Islam; everything is for sale there- from intoxicants to bodies, economically chained and crushed maidenhood to conscience Click here to read Full Article
You dare talk about us,Where is now the I.C.C? Where is the Indian Media !!! by A-Haq
Posted By: Haq On: 21/May/2013 Views:1281 Replies:0 
When entering India from Wahgha Border (Pakistan) there a sign board which reads, ‘Welcome to India- the largest democratic country in the world’ though things are internally quite different. It has never been the temperament of the people of India nor approach of the government towards democratic thinking or practice. If there were free media world would see this false show of democracy break int Click here to read Full Article

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