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What should Pakistan do ?

By: A – Haq, London

Once again there are on media news of attack on a Muslim country. Now the things are so severe and hot that America and the other countries are preparing for an onslaught on Syria. Every country establishes contacts, links and pacts to secure her borders, the same way other countries establish their relations to cooperate each other in the time of need and crisis. In the case of war on Syria there were many Muslim countries who were favouring an attack on Syria but the moment Russia a former super power stepped in to resist, they have also hanged there stances. Now the statements are either against war mania or to resist it. Earlier it was perhaps easier for Pakistan to decide whether to sit in favour or go against War on Syria because Pakistan had no immediate stakes with reference to Syria and going against the verdict of America could lead Pakistan to starvation. But after Russian commitment and Pakistan’s close friend and a neighbour China’s support have changed the scenario. If Pakistan goes against America she will spoil her relations with America but it she sides with China America will definitely harm Pakistan seriously. It is therefore in favour of Pakistan that there shouldn’t be any war on Syria.

If facts are seen, Pakistan cannot afford facing warm because all efforts are to tackle problems created by floods in many of her rivers. The entire country is in a state of chaos. Secondly Pakistan is still busy in counter skirmishes with terrorists in the North Waziristan. Thirdly, India the traditional foe of Pakistan has positioned her forces on Pakistani borders; in such a situation if Pakistan does something in case of War on Syria, India may attack Pakistan. Pakistan may not be able to face Indian onslaught in the wake of her own issues and no support from friendly countries. Pakistani public also looks not ready for such an ordeal. Claims and big talks cannot feed a nation. Sitting in the government is not enough to show public support. The governments have only snatched everything from them not sparing even morsels from the public. The public will never support the government.

If the US does not resist from attacking on Syria, it will be the beginning of a Third World War. Two major powers will not only be facing each other, their supporters and allies will try to gather around them for their own future sake. The smaller states cannot afford sitting idle when the Big Brothers will call them. It will surely prove so horrible a war that people will remember its foe centuries. The UK is also raising her voice of the need of war, when her own parliament is disallowing any such action. The time is perhaps coming when everyone will talk against war!!

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