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It matters us nothing !!

By: A - Haq, London

During the last few years Muslims were trapped in numerous movements. The result of which was only scenes of destruction. The reason behind the conditions of unrest in Iraq, Syria, Palestine, Afghanistan, Pakistan and many other Muslim countries appears to be result of American war or embargo ---but in fact it is not. It is interlinked with that part of history hundreds of years ago when ‘Islamic Differences’ initiated.

There is no denying the fact that revolutionary riot and the rifts of Muslim countries have created a lot of fuss and destruction; but it is also a fact that in most cases they are themselves to be blamed. The need is to ponder over the fact how does this process initiate and how do it end up. Every country must search into the reasons all such occurrences. Why is it that through stealthy tactics Pro-American politicians are supported first, they are put on the high government offices from oblivion and then by showing future dreams by someone else trust from those politicians is broken.

Similarly, American Representatives are sent to support various factions of the publics and then in the lust for Dollars they propagate and initiate rifts and feuds among the Muslims. Put this hypothesis to a test and then decide if whatever is happening in Pakistan isn’t a similar activity?

America tried hard to create situations of turmoil, unrest, revolutions and insurgencies--- sometimes by threatening the sovereignty of the country, by putting pro-rulers, by creating fake crises, by buying the loyalties of the daughters of the nation as in the case of Malala or penalising the daughters of the nation as in the case of Dr. Afia Siddiqui. But the entire Pakistani nation appears to be sleeping a sound sleep of ignorance, cruelty, selfishness and callousness ignoring and overlooking rights and duties as a nation. What to say America; Father America can’t wake this nation. The issue of Terrorism is not something new; it is as old as is the history of Pakistan. We know it now because of the active media.

Conspiracies and insurgencies are on hype in Pakistan because the dollars-packets politicians exist. Despite increased rate of literacy, the nation as a whole is easy to be bullied. It has been bullied by politicians in the name of Democracy and Autocracy for the last 64 years and now in the name of Peace and War. One says we need peace. The other says war is inevitable for the resolution of Terrorism. This war is not theirs; it is ours. The public is confused by such slogans. Everyday there is new news, hardly sparing anytime to think and decide. Even if some action is opted to be chosen; there is always threat of an unseen fire. It is growingly becoming an issue of choosing between devil and the deep sea. This is fear that has restricted all progress and will to resolve issues. Bangladesh (West Pakistan) has lagged Pak economy far behind after getting separated from Pakistan, but we are still waiting for ‘godot’- a saviour who may bring us out of this pinnacle.


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