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Sufi And Grave Worshippers Ideological Attacks And Their Reply by Kashif Jamal
Posted By: drkjke Created On: 30/Jul/2010 Views: 2610 Replies: 1 
In nawaiwaqt paper a columnist by name of ali akbar alazhari has written two very objectionable columns in last 2 weeks ..this guy is sufi shia mixed ideology .and it seems that he does not believe in respecting other sects of islam and in his last two columns he has openly attacked those sects of islam like deobandi and ahl e hadeeth who do not wo Click here to read Full Article

A Balochi Sardar,s Anti Pakistani Views And a Pakistanis Reply by kashif jamal
Posted By: drkjke On: 30/Jul/2010 Views:2566 Replies:8 
Nawaiwaqts columnist and retired army man sikander baloch recently wrote a column in favour of balochistan fighters .who are fighting against pakistan with help of indian and israeli aid.( 29th july).Sikander baloch being an ex army guy so we Pakistanis ignored his earlier columns as most retired army men are crazy (due to years of life obeying secular bosses instead of following allah , Click here to read Full Article

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