"Let there arise out of you a band of people inviting to all that is good enjoining what is right and forbidding what is wrong; they are the ones to attain felicity".
(surah Al-Imran,ayat-104)
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We are actually at the stage of total chaos and disappointment. In the given situation there is no light at the end of the tunnel. With internet connection I used to read all kind of articles/essays but you know all I used to get was tension and heart burn and nothing else.


Since my college days I never heard any good news about Pakistan or seen any patriotic leader  with  (some) foresight (jis koo aap door andeesh kah lein) in the office. You may disagree with me, only  Late Ayub Khan  put Pakistan on the road of real progress when he introduced 5-year plans.

Our (so-called)  well learned politicians and think tanks call Ayub Khan a usurper/dictator, yes he was,  but in my eyes he  was a real patriotic Pakistani and the only example who left the office by himself in spite of having all  powers still in hand. Jamhooriat?


Sic! Honestly speaking can we get real democracy when we are divided in sects, languages,  bradris, firqa bazi, soobaiyyat, qaoum parasti etc. I am sure if a Messenger of Allah comes and opt for election, Pakistanis  will not vote him  but will elect  the  candidate of their choice, sect/party/tribe/biradri ,  then there is no use of beating the drums of democracy. Unfortunately  it  (the so called democracy) will not work in future too as our masses are illiterate, dishonest, turned into senseless crowds, full of lust and greed, swayed away from Islamic teachings, led away by Hindu culture.  


No one, including political leaders, (in govt. or opposition)  parents, teachers, ulema, print media and television played its role honestly, arose the feelings of   patriotism  and Pakistani-ism  in the younger generation of Pakistan. Majority of younger generation do not know how and why  Pakistan came into being and how the Hindus and Sikhs massacred millions of innocent children, young  Muslims, raped Muslim women, looted  and set at fire their properties. Because it is not taught in the schools, colleges and no one cares to create a sense which is compatible with the true national spirit.  Who is responsible for the gap?  No one has  put forth an example of honesty.


The present regime is worst than Musharraf , bunch of cowards and traitors, absolutely inefficient and corrupt people who are not addressing the real problems of the masses. In all national and international deals every one is looking at the kick-back and no one is keeping national interest in to consideration. 


We have been check-mated by the conspiracies of Jews and Hindus and there is no one at all  who could understand the grave situation or counter their plans and lead the nation. 


Before long we should have told the Americans,  ‘keep away,  no more, no drone attacks no intervention at all’.  Cuba,  a few miles away, tiny small neighbor of America, stood firmly against USA and still surviving for the last 55 years but shame on us  an ‘atomic power’, shit!  and on our coward, politicians, Army Generals , no one resisted and  stood firmly.  We were threatened??? to be pushed in  to “stone age” but aren’t we living in the stone and dark age in spite of following their orders? I am sure if we keep on obeying them, the situation for Pakistan will go more dangerous. If in turn a few Americans/western passengers”  cloths were taken off at our airports and screened, the situation would have been very different. You see these BEYGAIRAT bear all kind of pressure and do not even speak.


I  do not belong to any party, but what the hell  is with Nawaz sharif to have reservations on the name of former N.W.F.P.  Let them, the people of NWFP chose the name of their liking, even if they opt for  ‘DOOZAKHSTAAN’… let them choose. Does  it affect a common man,  Punjab and the Punjabis???


There exists no example any where in the world that any party/politicians or people opposed any  governments’ plans of  building water dams  except in Pakistan and  even  the most powerful dictators surrendered. There exists no example any where in the world that the government/authorities wanted  to build roads/ bridges and the so-called “ RESPECTED JUDICIARY, MY LORDS?”  issue  STAY ORDERS ON THAT and it is being done in our Pakistan. I mean this is ridiculous. 


Had our judiciary stood firmly against the past dictators, the situation would have been very different. It was the judiciary which sided with the dictators and supported them by their so called “NAZRIA-E-ZAROORAT”  SHIT ON THEM. The politicians played their role in supporting the dictators too. The ass sucker politicians have the most cunning role in this respect.

So my dear Sir, I am full of hatred for  the politicians, mullahs,  judiciary, leaders, generals ….and all dishonest looters and   do not see any light or hope.


The  time of change, advice, , speech and pursuing  has passed long time ago. Now what to right? And for whom, for the animals, sheep senseless crowds?  Our so called respected Chief Justice is taking notice by himself of so many matters, but why his eyes can’t see murder of Benazir? Who ordered the  washing of the  murder site? 


The justice should not be chosen for few items and divided into parts. Why our judiciaries take  too long time and keep on delaying the verdicts? Why they put off their verdicts for months and in some cases for years? I mean it is disgusting and unwarranted. It is negation of JUSTICE. I remember very well when in the case of Musharraf’s re-election eligibility decision  for presidentship was adjourned by this hero chief justice Iftikhar Ch and let Musharraf  re- elected. I mean Chief Justice gave the killer an opportunity to kill and then he would make decision to catch him? All are playing with the sentiments of public and nothing else. TAWAIFOON  KI TARAH  BIKNEY  WALEY   KIA  INSAAF  DEIN  GAY…


I am sorry for bitter language but I am sure majority of Pakistanis are of the same feelings,  fed up and disappointed with every one mentioned above. You may share my feelings or disagree but you also know what is and what had been happening with Pakistan and its people.  Allah hafiz.

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Replied by(Noman) Replied on (15/Jun/2010)

Dear Brother Your views are really a voice of true Pakistani and i can feel the pain in it. You have same kind of views as most of Pakistanis have right now. You are too much disappointed and dejected but let me tell you honestly, disappointment will lead us no where, at least we should hope for the best. If we can't see any light then it is because of us only. who chose the current setup or the last setup... no one else then us. Don't blame Dhaandly.. because dhaandly always have a limit. We chose the current setup and we never stand up and we never tried to change people around us or ourself…. We should try to stand up even if no one is following us… we can try at least to change people around us, we can at least change the people, who are under our influence like our mother/ brother sister etc…. Good things always and should start at home… and this is the step we are missing. We can at least decide to vote for the correct person even if we know, he will lose. We should encourage all people around us to cast vote in the favor of right candidate.. if there is any. this is the slowest process but can lead us to good things as well, InshahAllah.
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