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UK Pakistan relations will strengthen by Nawaz regime

By: A - Haq, London

London: British Foreign Minister William Hauge has said that the present elections truly represent an important in a statement issued here the Foreign Minister UK said that what else can be hopeful than the fact that a huge number of voters participated in these elections and the biggest majority ever in the history of Pakistani elections the women and new voters used their right to vote.

FM also viewed that in order to restore its credibility, the allegations of rigging at certain places will be investigated thoroughly. He further told that success of these elections rested on all the stakeholders like Election Commission, Caretaker Government, Polling Staff, Security men, Observers, Election controlling staff and more than anyone else the struggle and patience of the voters. ‘Pakistani people can look forward to UK cooperation in future. Pakistan had been a long lasting friend of UK and these elections will strengthen our commitment to work together on mutual trust, mutual respect and mutual interest. These values have strengthened our relations in the past and I will try to keep it up in future. We are interested to work together with the new governments at Federal and Provincial level which surely will try to respect the mandate’, said the FM.

With reference to Elections 2013 of Pakistan, Senior Minister of State at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and Minister for Faith and Communities Baroness Sayeeda Warsi has expressed that the newly elected Nawaz Government of Pakistan is bound to face difficult challenges. She has said that these elections have been held in a critical phase of Pakistan in which approximately 60% people exercised their right to vote.  From the angle of the UK government she expressed that the Election 2013 of Pakistan were fair, free and impartial. She almost over looked the fact that elections could not be held in some parts of Karachi and there were allegations of rigging in various constituencies. She further said that these were comparatively better elections than any previous one. The polling lists were also clear; the army did not try to step up and despite threats of terrorism a big number of people exercised their right to vote. 

Talking to UK Times Lord of Rotherham Lord Nazir Ahmed has termed Elections 2013 of Pakistan as historical in importance. He said that a large number of young voters have participated in these elections. This is the first time that an elected government has stepped down and properly shifted government to a newly elected party. Due to the bad governance public faced numerous problems like electricity and  gas shortage and so many others including bad law and order situation and deteriorating economy. It was due to these problems that the public wanted change so they participated with great enthusiasm and turnout was also a record. Because the public has given mandate to both Mian Nawaz Sharif and Imran Khan, inshallah, the things will improve. The conditions could not deteriorate further. Now hopefully conditions will improve. In response to a question on terrorism, he replied nobody has the magical stick to bring change overnight; everyone will have to work hard. Too many stakeholders are there to cooperate with each other to overcome this issue. It cannot be solved as soon as some people expect, but Mian Nawaz Sharif has not only the experience of remaining in government but also has the ability to solve in a better way. Being a businessman he knows well the importance of electricity and I hope that if the people have no option other than him, they will surely cooperate.

Member UK parliament & Shadow Justice Secretary Sadiq Khan has termed the Elections 2013 as historical. He said ‘It is the first time a civil government is transferring power to a newly elected government peacefully. He also said that Sadiq Khan is that singular MP who was included in the British delegation to observe these elections. Sadiq Khan said that they visited numerous polling stations as an Observer and witnessed great enthusiasm of the people of Pakistan in the polling activity. The delegation witnessed long rows of Women waiting to cast their vote. He said that he was feeling proud listening to the news of free and fair elections in Pakistan and democratic norms flourishing without any intervention from armed forces. Previously we used to listen to the news of extremism, terrorism and corrupt politicians. He expressed his hope that the newly elected government will bring such changes that may bring prosperity and Pakistan will emerge as a prosperous political and economic country. He further said that being a son of Pakistan he was proud to be there as a British Observer.

Talking to UK Times London Member House of Lords Lord Qurban Hussain expressed his delight that since his childhood he is witnessing for the first time that an elected government has completed her 5 years term and the elections are held free and fair, and the public has elected their representatives with their own consent. The people think that now their problems will be solved on preference. Pakistan is today facing numerous challenges which include terrorism, law and order, electricity crisis, unemployment, corruption and many others. I think that the new government will surely be able to provide relief to the public. In response to a question regarding terrorism and foreign intervention he replied that terrorism is basically an international issue and role of Government of Pakistan is crucial in it. I hope that the newly elected government will try to tackle this issue further in order to free Pakistan from it. And it is this way that Pakistani land will not be used for terroristic activities. I am fully convinced that Pakistan Government will play her role to bring this issue under control soon and hope that diplomatic relations with other countries will also improve.

Talking to UK Times London Anas Sarwar MP UK & Deputy Leader Labor Party Scotland, responded to a question by UK Times with regards to the present elections of Pakistan that this is a great opportunity that Pakistani people have elected a new leadership to change the prevalent conditions in the country. I firmly hope that the new government will try to fulfil the wishes of the people. In response to a question regarding terrorism, he expressed his belief in the newly elected government to tackle this issue in appositive way. With regard to a question on Pak UK future relations with the Nawaz regime he said that he is hopeful that efforts will be made to improve relations of the two countries.

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